Chain of events

Yesterday evening I needed to make cookies...
- I got some really cute cupcake stuff from an online friend.
- I put it away in the baking tupperware that I keep on the top shelf of my pantry.
- The baking tupperware got too front heavy and fell, scattering millions of sprinkles for miles.
- The dog, who was eating dinner, jumped 3.5 feet over the gate and then ran around the house in circles terrified.
- So I needed to put the dog away while I cleaned up.
- To put the dog away I had to carry it through the kitchen.
- While being carried through the kitchen, the dog freaked out, clawed at me, and then peed all over me, the kitchen, and the sprinkles which were all over the floor.
- So instead of making cookies I had to: vacuum the kitchen, mop the kitchen, wash dog pee off of any sealed containers (that had been in the tupperware), throw away everything else, shampoo the dog, take a shower, wash my clothes, wash the dog's bedding, wash the towels I used to mop the floor.

Why don't I get anything done? Because somebody sent me a really nice gift of cupcake making stuff. That's why.


MoscowMom said...

OH MY!!!!! Poor you!!!! Wish I could take you out for a Japanese lunch like we used to...

Days like that are so horrible. I find that knowing you'll blog about it, though, somehow takes the sting out--a little! At least it will bring someone else a little chuckle--or some comfort in knowing that crummy days happen to all of us.

Tina in CT said...

OMG! It sounds like something from an "I Love Lucy" episode. It wasn't funny to you but it is to your blog readers.

So, did you make cupcakes in the end?

Katya said...

Yup. I made 2 batches of cookies last night -- chocolate with mint chips and chocolate with pecans. Now they are bagged and ready to go to neighbors, teachers, and the party this afternoon.

Joe Ganci said...

Katya! You make the time I almost ran over myself with my own car seem just a little less idiotic. You poor thing! The only thing we can do in times like these is to remember that as long as we come out of these things with our lives and health intact, that's all that matters!

Send up some of those cookies, OK? :-)

Carla Dallas said...

this cracked me up and reminded me of all those mommy moments I'm STILL going through even though my girls are teenagers. You start one thing but it leads to a chain of cleaning up and reorganizing and "while I'm here I may as well...." that stops you from ever accomplishing anyhting!!!!