Dangerous playgrounds are more fun

On Sunday we picked up Ben's friend L* and took her to Piedmont Park with us. We all went to the new playground but the two big kids quickly got bored. Piedmont has a relatively new playground... it is really big it is too sanitized and structured. We usually play for 15 minutes and then go walk or to the dog park. My kids prefer Howell or the one in the woods where we go walking. Ian remembered seeing an old playground so we decided to go investigate it...

It was built in the 70's and BOY is it dangerous by today's standards. The steep stairs up the old slide have no handrails and you can fall right through. The slide itself is insanely tall and fast. So steep you FLY off at the bottom and have to swing your arms to land on your feet (or you fall hard, on your butt).

The swings are tall and have no limiters. The monkey bars are multi-tiered and high. There are giant cement cubes you can climb.

Wow. It is a kid's paradise. Everything is dangerous and terribly fun. The three of them had a fantastic time running around and playing. There is a nice grassy area with benches for the grownups. I think next time we'll just skip the new playground and come straight here!


MoscowMom said...

Wow, they sure would be in "dangerous playground heaven" here in Moscow! When I think of US safety standards, and then look around at 95% of the playgrounds in the city, I laugh (now that I'm over being terrified; my kids are now old enough that I'm not afraid to take them to these places). Glad you had fun!

So how did the meeting go on Monday? (Pardon me if you already posted and I haven't read enough below).

MoscowMom said...

Okay, I'm back... Don't know why I thought the meeting was on Monday... Fingers crossed for the 26th. How great that you live in a city where there are multiple schools that could help Ben so well. I know you had really hoped for an overseas stint once Ian finished business school, but thank goodness you're where you are. Being worried about meeting your child's developmental needs in a place that can't takes out most of the fun of being there. I'm so thankful we worked it out (knock on wood, knock on wood, that things continue to go well...).