12 hours of highs and lows

Yesterday afternoon we got a call from the director of the Swift School letting us know that Ben had been admitted. He was very excited. He immediately wanted to know which teacher he would have. YAY!

Last night Ben came into my room saying that he was hearing a "beeping noise." That should have triggered an alarm in my mind -- but I had taken a Benadryl and was rather groggy... so I said, "oh... it's just the cell phone" and told him to go back to sleep. This morning, when I put the key in the ignition, the car started to go crazy. I called Ian and he said that means the car alarm was triggered last night. Our alarm is set to the least aggressive setting so you have to work pretty hard to set off the alarm -- just pulling on the door like the kids do or bumping against it is not enough. So Ben must have been woken by the alarm. Over the last 2 weeks there has been a rash of car break-ins, thefts, and garage/shed break-ins in our neighborhood. VERY alarming. I am thinking of getting a padlock for the gate that connects our front yard to our back... I am SO glad we have an alarm system!!


Tina in CT said...

I'm surprised that your dog did not go nuts.

Wow, you're a good sleeper. Unfortunately I wake at the slightest noise.

A padlock on your gate sounds like a good idea.

Is the Swift School the first one that you visited that Ben loved so much? I am so happy about the good news. When can he start?

Hope you are feeling better today.

I bet you'll be glad to have Ian home after this business trip.

MoscowMom said...

Glad he got in!!!!

You AMAZE me about how you can sleep in... My INABILITY to sleep when there's any noise is a huge problem. I wake up if there's the slightest noise! Chris wants me to sleep with earplugs in--but then the amplified noise of my heart and breathing bugs me. Ugh. Even sleeping pills don't work.

MoscowMom said...

p.s. I hope things calm down in your neighborhood! How scary!!!