Finally starting to feel better...

Phew. What a week it was. The meds the doc gave me on Saturday had some odd side effects -- I was very disoriented and my arm was numb and tingly from the shoulder down. (Do not EVER take Levaquin -- it turns out it can cause all sorts of permanent problems!!). I called the doc back and asked to switch medications -- the doc I spoke to over the phone refused, saying that they couldn't be sure the symptoms were from the medication and I HAD to go to the ER. Well... I didn't have much choice so I dropped the boys off with a neighbor and went to the ER. I spend 6.5 hours waiting to be seen in the ER. I had to call a second friend to pick up the boys from my neighbor's, bring them to my house, and put them to bed. Finally the doc saw me. He kept saying, "I'm really surprised he prescribed Levaquin." "I'm surprised he prescribed such a high dose for so long." I finally got home at 10 after having nothing to eat since lunch.

The next morning, still tired and rather sick, I had to rally and get Ben to his interview at Schenck. The interview went well... or at least I think it went well... hard to tell... I was so sick I don't remember that much. :-) I did find out that they do admissions only once a month. They did a round on Friday (2/29) and then the last round will be the last Friday in March. So if I don't hear on Monday it means we are not a high priority candidate and our chances are pretty slim. Sigh.

Then on Wednesday I was in a great hurry in the morning (I woke up REALLY late). As I was running out the door I remembered that this new med had to be taken twice a day so I took it on an empty stomach. BIG, HUGE mistake. As soon as I dropped Ben off I started to feel queasy. By the time I got up the driveway and past the principle I was past queasy. I grabbed the trash bag next to me and tried to drive and be sick at the same time. At the big intersection I didn't see an oncoming car and almost hit it head on. Ugh. I rolled down all the windows and managed to get Nik to school and then came home and collapsed.

On Wednesday night Ian came home. He worked from home on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately he had so much work to do that we have not seen each other all weekend. Every time I feel better enough I watch the kids so he can work. If he is watching the kids, I am lying down. As soon as the kids are in bed he goes Ian works until 3am. What a crazy weekend. Our house is a disaster area - piles of laundry, dishes, mail, toys, and junk EVERYWHERE.

I am actually feeling a bit better today. I felt better enough to feed the kids breakfast and let Ian sleep in.


Tina in CT said...

You need your mother. It's too bad that she lives so far away. What a horrible week. Glad to hear that you a bit better.

I have my fingers crossed for school for Ben.

Joe Ganci said...

Poor Katya! I feel so bad that you have felt so ill and that on top of it all, your week was so crazy because of the illness, almost hitting a car head on! That really scared me. I'd hate to think of anything bad happening to you. The only really good thing about being so ill is that you really end up appreciating your health so much more afterwards. I wish I could take a little of your pain away, but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way.