Getting kicked out of a restaurant for... READING!

To cap off our lovely day we went to our favorite restaurant - Los Loros.

I always bring a book when we go out to eat with the kids. It keeps them quiet while we wait for the food and then again while we wait for the check. So we sat, read, ate, and then read again. It took them FOREVER to bring us the check so we read a whole chapter. Then some waiter comes up to us and says, "Could you not do that. You are disturbing other customers." Now... I was reading at a normal speaking volume... the same volume I would be talking to Ian with if we were having a conversation. If the kids had been whining it would have been MUCH louder. I have been operating under the assumption that I am doing other patrons a FAVOR by keeping my kids quiet and in their seats. My kids don't throw tantrums, scream, or run around the restaurant.

Ben started crying. He said, "I don't understand. We weren't being loud." We got the check and marched out of there. I said, loudly enough for the guy and the manager to hear, that we were never coming back. Ben cried the whole way home. He was upset because we 'got in trouble.' He was upset because I said we are never going back there. I am sad and mad -- they could have brought the check AGES ago and we would have been gone. And we would still have a favorite restaurant to go to every week. Now... we need a new favorite dive... I am just so sad and mad and disheartened. We have had such a crappy couple of weeks... why ruin the first good, happy day we have had?!?!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

When it rains it pours!
And it is a leap year anyway, so hold on

Tina in CT said...

First of all, that waiter was rude and a jerk. Your boys are very well behaved. Secondly, you were reading in a normal speaking voice.
Thirdly, if he hadn't taken so long to bring your bill, you would not have been there so long. I think you should write a detailed letter to the manager and the owner. That waiter should be dealt with by the owner. I would not let it pass (but that's me).

How upsetting for the three of you!

Joe Ganci said...

I agree with Tina. Write the manager a letter. Tonight my wife and I were at a restaurant and the guy at the next table was loud and obnoxious and even said to his much younger female dinner companion how people say he's obnoxious all the time. I was just this side of being able to tolerate it so I didn't make a fuss, but believe me when I say that I've seen parents talking and reading with their children and I'm always thankful that they are keeping their children engaged and not letting them run around the restaurant!

I have always wondered why it takes wait staff SO LONG to get a check to my table and then SO LONG to pick up the card or cash from me! Don't they want to free up the table? Don't they want their money? Even when the service during the meal was exemplary they often take forever to complete the deal. I have made it a habit now to have my card or cash ready in hand so that when they bring the check I can give it to them right away. Sometimes they dump the check on the table and start running away so quickly that I have to grab them by the arm to keep them from escaping!

MoscowMom said...

Yeah, I'd write a letter... Was the owner present when this happened? If not, I'd definitely write a letter. You might even involve Ben to show him how writing can solve problems (hopefully). Ideally, they'll be really sorry and give you a free meal to invite you back. That would be good for all of you since even the kids love that place. Really sorry that happened to you!