Chore Wars!

Ok. Someone introduced me to Chore Wars and I am thrilled. We have been doing it for 3 weeks and I love that Ben comes to ask me -- are there any more chores I can do?!

It basically works like Dungeons and Dragons. You set up all of the particularly tedious household chores as adventures. Each adventure had experience points, a range of gold pieces, and the potential for treasure associated with it. So, for example, emptying the dishwasher earns you 20 XP, 10-40 gp, and the potential for a Fizzy Potion (soda) or Pokemon Card. GPs can be redeemed for treasure from the treasure chest or real cash at an exchange rate of 100 gp/ $1. At least that is how I set it up for our household.

As you do chores you gain experience, move up levels, collect treasure, and get gold. Tonight both Ben and Nikki used up a Fizzy Potion at the restaurant to order Sprite (normally they are only allowed to order water or milk).

Oh... did I mention it is FREE?! And the kids are ASKING for more chores to do during their free time!


Anonymous said...

I think I need to be included in your competition - may be that is the only way I can do my chores

MoscowMom said...

Wow, this is the last bit of proof needed that are you super mom. It sure may not feel that way on some days, Katya, but WOW are you ever doing an incredible job with those boys. The intellectual level you engage them at--and the creativity you use to teach them important lessons of all kinds--are worthy of such admiration. And they're inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

I'm going to check out the link and see if I could give it a whirl here... I bet mine would love it... Chores aren't so much our problem, though... I more need a system to reinforce BEHAVIOR.

Katya said...

I bet you could use it to reinforce just about anything since you create the 'adventures' yourself.

Anonymous said...

They said D&D was evil. This must also be evil... I am going to tell the boys the truth!!!