Getting slightly sidetracked...

Ben has started talking more and more about homeschooling next year, too. He keeps asking, "If we homeschool next year can we ..." So far he wants to study chemistry, botany, geology, middle ages, and art. :-)

Yesterday we got an email about a science fair the homeschool group is hosting at the end of the month. Since Ben seemed really interested in science I asked him if he wanted to participate. He said YES and he wanted to do a chemistry project. Now chemistry is a pretty broad subject so I gave him a couple of choices of areas and he decided that he wanted to try growing crystals. Hi mom! Yes... he is a little mini-you! (My mom's focus, when studying geology, was crystallography). So we are going to try growing 4 kinds of crystals and we will look at their different shapes. We are going to use borax, bluing agent, epsom salt, and washing soda.

So we are going on a little detour today to get supplies so we can set up the crystals that need a long time to grow while we are gone.

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Anonymous said...

I guess when I first tryed to grow crystals I was about 10 yeats old, a bit older than Ben now.
Good luck!