5/5 Hittites and Sea Peoples

First the sea people attacked the Hittites. The Egyptians and the other ones [sea peoples] took ships and attacked each other. The Egyptians won.

[The sea people's warships had a bird's head on the prow. They are shooting arrows at each other]

As you can tell we are quickly looking at some of the other ancient cultures. Last week and this week we are skimming over the Nubians, Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Hittites, Sea Peoples, Canaanites, Hebrews, Phoenicians, and Assyrians. Phew. Next week we start the Minoans [the minotaur], Myceneans [trojan war] and then move on to the Ancient Greeks. There we will stop and pick up with Alexander and then the Romans in the fall.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you are just flying through the ages!
And what a bloody hell it is!
Just being back from the visit to the Tower of London, where most of the sites show where and when and how the people where murdered there, sort of turns me off

Joe Ganci said...

You remind me of when I was in Europe a few years ago and hopped from Denmark to Ireland. I love bookstores so I was checking out bookstores all over Europe.

In Denmark, I saw books on The Brave Vikings, The Noble Vikings, The Friendly Vikings.

The next day in Ireland, I saw books on The Awful Vikings, The Barbaric Vikings, The Uncivilized Vikings!

Interesting how perspective shapes our views.

Anonymous said...

your are so right.
My problem in England was that I was mostly concentrated in my mind and my plans on literary connections of a friendlier kind - Lewis Carrol, Jerome K. Jerome,Oscar Wilde Rowing, Pullman, etc, so I sort of forgot the bloody or brave part of history.
I have to give a credit to Brits who we met at historical sites - they do not seem to take much pride in murderous past.

Katya said...

Joe, your comment was very timely. I was just working on a blog entry comparing two history books written for children and how differently they portrayed the same peoples and their discoveries. Hopefully I'll get it up tomorrow...