Mine is the one, true, religion...

Yesterday we read about the Hebrew peoples. I guess he was thinking about them all night... this morning, as we were transitioning between 2 phonics activities, Ben said, "It would make much more sense if everyone in every country believed in the one god instead of their own god." He went on for quite a bit about how much better things would be if everyone believed in one god.

Hmm... Okay. Which god should they believe in? "My god." Who is your god? "Jesus Christ." Now where Ben gets the idea that Jesus Christ is HIS god from is a mystery to me since neither Ian nor I talk about believing in Jesus and the only exposure Ben has to Christianity is 6 months at a methodist preschool.

Then we talked about how he would get everyone to believe in his god. He said he would become mayor and make a law. I asked, "What if I became mayor and made a law that you had to believe in Anubis (an ancient egyptian god)... would you believe in him?" Ben laughed and said, "No."

I had been planning on glossing the whole religious war/missionary/martyr/crusade aspects of history because I didn't think Ben was ready to understand those kind of discussions... but I guess he is.


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well,
you seem to have a prophet on your hands

Joe Ganci said...

I thought your response was very well put! I had been thinking of getting a law passed to make everyone believe in my god, who is really my dog, but that's my form of dyslexia worship.

He commands me, and I obey.