Nature Study: Helen, GA

We joined Davina, her two boys, and her neighbor's son Max for a day of nature study in Helen, GA. Davina and her boys have a secret salamandering spot that is really amazing. The boys saw baby salamanders that were as small as my fingernail and adult salamanders big as 7" long. We found salamander eggs with little, white, salamander embryos under a rock. We saw little baby crawfish as small as a thumbnail and big brook trout.

The boys also enjoyed skipping rocks,

swinging on a nearby rope swing,

and playing pirates by launching cannon balls (rocks) at an approaching armada of bark and twig boats. Despite the constant chilly drizzle we had a fantastic day!


Tina in CT said...

What a beautiful area. Sounds like a fun day.

Anonymous said...

I hope you did not bring any home with you