The Octopus and the Fish - A Fable

Once there was an octopus who invited a fish to dinner. Well, the octopus served gigantic clams. The octopus served them alive in a container. They opened up their containers and the fish tried to each their gigantic clam but he couldn't. But the octopus has no problem at all – he put the thing right in front of his mouth, wrapped his gigantic arms around it, pour it into his mouth, and he ate it.

Then it was the fish's turn to invite the octopus over. The fish served the food in a cup. Well, the octopus had trouble eating that – in fact he couldn't even eat it. But the fish could eat it perfectly.

Moral: Treat people the way you wanted to be treated.


Anonymous said...

I like the Fox and the Stork version better - it is geometrically more visual

Katya said...

Yes... it wasn't written by a 7 year old. :-) I don't think he realized how completely he was copying the story...