Barred Owl

The kids were playing in the back yard and I was sitting on the back porch after dinner when suddenly I heard both kids yell "Whoah!"

A barred owl flew right over their heads and landed in a tree about 15 feet up. Unfortunately it was rather backlit so it was hard to get a good photo. We did get a great view through the binoculars. Wow.


GBK Gwyneth said...

Wow! That's really neat!

Tina in CT said...

Wow! And you don't live out in the country so it's amazing to see an owl like that in the burbs. Great nature lesson.

Anonymous said...

That is great picture. I think I need to carry a camera around my backyard as well.
The last Sunday, I just stepped inside the kitchen for a glass of water, when I have heard the turkey calling in distress. I looked out of the kitchen window and saw the turkey running and the red fox chasing it. Finally, the turkey remembered it is a bird and flew to the tree branch. The fox looked very disappointed. By some reason, turkey flew down to the ground, and the chase started all over again. I am not sure why the turkey did it - may be it was trying to lead a fox away from its nest?
The red fox started to chase the turkey again. The sound of distress the turkey made brought the flock of resident crows and they started to attack the red fox. The fox got very confused and looked to us for help - I can not describe it well, but the fox started twice walking toward us with an expression - You will help me, wont you? - until crows chased it away.
It looked to us as crows were serving as some king of bird police. They do not really have anything to fear from foxes, their nests are up in the trees and foxes do not climbed the trees. I guess it is the benevolent act of birds helping birds in times of distress.
I wish I got it on tape.