Dental misery, revisited *updated*

My dentist managed, at the last minute, to reschedule my work for today. I had to have 6 teeth done. Ugh. It was long and crappy. The AC in her office was broken so she had beads of sweat on her face. I had worn sweats (because I was cold last time) so I was also sweaty and miserable. She was putting in the last couple of porcelain fillings when she ran into a problem -- I have a tiny mouth and my teeth are spaced very close together. She couldn't get the last filling in... after a little research she found out there was a tool that might help... so she had to special order it and put in a temporary filling. She'll put the last piece in on Friday. She worked on my mouth for 3 HOURS.

I feel like I have been beaten up. My jaw just aches and my whole face hurts. I will be SO glad on Friday to have this ordeal finally done. 8 teeth in 1 week is just WAY too much dental work for my taste!

So it is the next morning and I feel a lot better. I am finally feeling like I am looking forward to our adventure this weekend -- we are going to Tara and Gabe's wedding!!!! The boys are so excited to go.

*more updates*
ARGH! The tool didn't come in like it was supposed to today. So now I have to wait till NEXT week to get this tooth fixed. ARGH.


Anonymous said...

Poor thing,
just amaging how much good your were made to do for your teeth by this accident. They may not have seen so much care in years, if not for that one cracked tooth.

Tina in CT said...

What an ordeal. I hope the dentist had one of those rests in your mouth. I bet you had a youghurt or soup supper last night. Just think that after tomorrow you will be all done.

Tina in CT said...

Was Tara your nanny in NC?

Have a great weekend and glad to read that you're better.

Anonymous said...

Say our best wishes to Tara and Gabe.
Best luck to them!