Happy Fathers Day!

We had a quiet weekend. On Saturday we mostly hung out around the house. We did drive up to Marietta to have dinner with a coworker of Ian's who was doing a training exercise at the Air Force Base. Ian's friend gave the boys an MRE and we got a brief tour of the base. As you can imagine, the boys were really excited to see the cool airplanes and helicopters that were parked on the base. They were especially excited about an airplane whose wings could fold out of the way and another that had a radar dish on top. When Ben got home he made his own airplane/robot with folding wings.

The boys' personalities really show through in their building styles. Nikki loves to build BIG structures with lots of crazy contraptions. Ben likes to build really small, well designed structures that have complex movement. I really should have included a video -- the wings fold and stretch out in multiple directions.

On Sunday Daddy enjoyed breakfast made by the boys. Ben made coffee and Nik made a weird mix of cereals (fruit loops, apple o's, and strawberry shredded wheat). After breakfast the boys did what they love best -- they went off on a bicycling adventure. Ben biked 10 miles yesterday all over Atlanta -- they went to several parks and had lunch at Trader Joes.

[I think Ian was a little surprised we got him a video iPod. What do you think?]


Anonymous said...

I would second it -he does look a bit surprised. Did he have any taste of our gift before the picture was taken?

Katya said...

Nope. :-)
I had just agreed not to get him anything as expensive or frivolous as an Ipod. :-)