Take Your Kids and Give them a Distorted Vision of Work Day

Friday was Take Your Kids to Work Day. Many offices try to have the kids 'shadow' adults. Ian's office didn't bother with trying to bore the kids -- they decided to have the kids build positive associations with the office instead. The kids had a fancy lunch, a tour of the office, crafts, and an ice cream social. They were wildly enthusiastic about the whole thing and asked when they could go back to the office with Dad. So props to Ian's office for making the kids feel good about someplace Daddy disappears to.

[unfortunately Ian forgot the camera so the only camera he had was on his cell phone]

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Anonymous said...

First, I am so glad your are back on line. For some time now, you, Jen and Tamara are mostly off line and it makes for very lonely times here in Connecticut.
The example of office visit, unlike the simple previous one,requires the entire dictionary of Russian proverbs and sayings.
I think,if they really wanted to show children what is going on in the office, they should of taken a page from my grandmother book.
One day she, dismayed with my and my cousin attitude, made us wash the floors in the cottage, until they feel as smooth as an egg, as she put it. And she meant it literally, and the cottage was on the beach (think sand) and the floors were not painted, but bare wood.
I remember this lesson for some 50 years. And mostly fondly now, it takes about that long to appriciate a good lesson.