Last Day of Camp

Today is Ben's last day of camp... and I must say I am delighted with the results. The teacher reinforced what we had worked on and taught him r-controlled vowels, syllabification, and the 6 types of syllables (REVLOC). This has really broadened what he can read... and I can see the results. My friend Tamara sent Ben a book about the Titanic and he sat and READ the first two chapters last night. Wow. Now we just have to deal with those pesky vowel digraphs and diphthongs and some weirds and he should be able to sound out almost anything. Yippee.

At camp they used Learning Wraps to practice math skills... and Ben liked them so much he begged me to buy him one. How could I say no?! So, on Monday, Nikki and I went to The Learning Box and bought both the addition and subtraction wraps. Ben LOVES them. He sits on his bed during "nap time" and after he should be going to sleep doing the wraps over and over again. They are great because they are self-correcting so he can quickly see if he is making a mistake.

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MoscowMom said...

Learning wraps ARE so cool, aren't they??

Glad he loved camp!

Glad you got the package, too :-)

I have no e-mail, either! It won't work at Panera, McDonald's or Starbucks! ARgh!

My mom's landline is also out of order; at least a week to repair it! I'll post her cell number next and then you can delete the comment.

Hope you're feeling a bit better...