Quite a day

July is the months of birthdays for us. Within about a 10 day span we have the birthdays of: Carol (my mother-in-law), Auntie Jen, Goody, my dad, & Ian.

Goody, Carol, Ted and Uncle Jason all came to Atlanta for the weekend to celebrate.

Goody is friends with Governor Howard Dean (whose campaign in NH used her house as a headquarters when it first started). Gov. Dean was in town for a rally yesterday... so he wanted to wish Goody a happy birthday in person. The gang drove downtown to meet his bus as it arrived. Since Goody knew his staff, the gang got to wait where his bus was pulling up; Ben got to meet Gov. Dean and Mayor Franklin.

Ben was upset that they couldn't stay for the whole rally but then everyone had to hurry off to get to the opera.

We got great tickets to La Boheme -- tables by the stage at an outdoor amphitheater. We pre-ordered wine and picnic baskets... This was the first opera experience for both Ben and Ian. Ben loved it. He wants to go to another opera. Ian enjoyed it, too! Hmm... now I need to look into more opera tickets!


Tina in CT said...

Big day for Ben - politics to opera. Great exposure for a little boy.

How are you feeling?

Joe Ganci said...

You are exposing Ben to opera and politics. What are you doing to that poor child? :-)

You are such a good mom. Some kids don't get a chance to experience either until it's way too late. Having lived in Italy, and being here now, I'm interested to see how children here receive exposure to modern day pop, rock-and-roll, rap music, but also opera and classical music. Most adolescents here know the difference between Vivaldi and Mozart, between Aida and La Boheme.

Oh, I could tell you so many stories!

Anonymous said...

Ben and Ian are welcome to the parts of our subscription to the Met, if they are willing to fly to the Westchester County. If they like the arrangements, we will get better subscription next year.

Anonymous said...

We can not do politics to opera in this season (we do not do any politics and opera season is in the low end right now) but we certainly should get another "all July" birthday jamboree here in CT. May be a lobster boil?

MoscowMom said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great day!!! How are you feeling afterwards? You're in my thought every day, hoping you're feeling stronger...

Katya said...

Actually... I didn't come with them. I stayed home with Nik. :-(