Ben's First Week of Homeschool

Ben's first week of the 2008-9 school year started with manual labor. This week he experiencing 19th century farm life first-hand: he has learned to milk cows and goats, he has seen first-hand where eggs come from, he has held a chicken and groomed a donkey. He has learned about farm practices, life, and machinery from that period. How you ask? Ben stayed in CT an extra week and spent it at Muscoot Farm. They have a Young Farmer's program that is fantastic. Kids work on the farm for a week as if they were children on the farm. I still remember it vividly from when I was a child and Ben has loved every minute of it.

[Here are Ben, Casper and Lucy helping out when we had a picnic at the farm last week. I'll post pics from Ben's camp next week].

My mom joked that in Soviet Russia young children were paid to do farm work in the summer and in capitalist America we have to pay to have our children experience farm life. :-)


Tina in CT said...

Love your mother's comment!

What a fun week for Ben.

Anonymous said...

Today was the last day of the camp and children made hand-churned ice-cream from the farm products (except of vanilla) - it was delicious and exactly the same as I remember it from the time when Katya did it some years ago.
And from what we had to experience for last two days - you will be asked to get a miniature goat.
We were already asked to get few horses, goat and some chickens