Noun-Verb Game

So we invented a new game today... the noun verb game.
First we defined Noun (a person, place, thing or idea) and threw out examples. Then we defined Verb (an action). Then we linked them together as a game that goes like this:
I announce - Noun: Ben. Verb: Climbs. 
Ben acts it out by climbing the doorframe.
Mom: Noun: Ben, Verb: Jumps.
Ben jumps down.

We played this for a few minutes and it became limiting... so we had to add Direct Object. 
Noun: Ben
Verb: Picks
DO: Snack Bag

I didn't actually define Direct Object but they quickly figured out what it meant in context. :-)


Tina in CT said...

As I've posted before, you should be a teacher! You make learning fun and physical.

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you that. We took Ben and Nikki to see the show on Broadway. We took a train to the city, and on the way back, we saw two little girls walking with their dolls and their parents carrying large bags from the "The American Girl Place".
And it made me think of you and your little girls and the dolls you gave them. The expression on the girls faces was a pure delight!

Tina in CT said...


Which play did you take the boys to see on Broadway?

Oh, we love our yearly trips each January to American Girl and already have taken about our next one in '09. Katya is getting more American Girl things for her birthday in Sept. and Natalia will be getting some gifts from there for her Dec. birthday. I believe Santa will be doing his shopping there too for Xmas (I know I will be.). We love AG Place. That's sweet that you thought of us when you saw the girls with their red AG bags.


Joe Ganci said...

What fun! You are such a smart cookie and you make learning a blast!

Anonymous said...

of course I thought of you - Tamara's blog and your comments are my only exposure to American Girl.
We saw The Lion King. It is a spectacular show. As Ben put it - it is very sad story. Which is true, it is much more dramatic than the Disney movie. On the way back,Ben and Nik struck a conversation with a little boy sitting in the seat in front of us and Ben described the show to him.
In Ben's description the story sounded very much like the Hamlet - the uncle killing the king,the son understanding and accepting the fact, and the son killing the uncle. I actually never thought about The Lion King being the Hamlet story, but the way Ben told it he pretty much convinced me.

Tina in CT said...

That is amazing about the connection between both stories.

Everyone I know that seen the play has loved it.