Our curriculum

Ok. I guess I never got around to posting our curriculum:
Phonics: Recipe For Reading + other OG materials
Math: Singapore Math 2A/2B 
History: Story of the World + Activity Guide + various supplements
Art: Artistic Pursuits 1
Logic: Building Thinking Skills L1 + Visual Perceptual Skill Building 1 + various logic puzzles
Science: Nebels Building Foundation of Scientific Understanding +  several lab books + REAL Science Earth Science + Real Science For Kids Chemistry. No we are NOT doing it all at the same time. We are picking and choosing bits from each.
Plus touch typing, piano, gymnastics, nature study, music appreciation and creative writing.

It sounds like a lot... but except for phonics we don't do every subject each day.  


MoscowMom said...


Wow, it looks great...

Hey, did you get our present? Ever since you got sick, I wanted to do something for you... I thought of a Zingerman's care package, but you had no appetite... Then I remembered how much you and Ian love artisan hand-blown glass...

I picked that vase out for you at a lovely studio in Estes Park, CO--a place I know you'd love, too!!!! I hoped the blue would make you think "cool" thoughts as you brave the Atlanta heat, and it reminded me of the ribbons you had in your bridal wreath/bridesmaid bouquets.

LOTS OF LOVE FROM MOSCOW!!!!!!! I'm so sorry we couldn't see each other in CT... There was just no way those last few days...

Katya said...

That's SO funny. I was JUST going to upload a picture I took of some flowers in the vase. I really love it -- it is so beautiful.