Ben's New Piano

On Saturday we had a garage sale while Ian went to pick up the new piano. We managed to sell the wagon, some duplos, one of the old bikes, and some books.

I'm hoping I can figure out how to record a snippet of video and post it later this week.

Afterwards we were going to go buy shoes for the boys but the fear of running out of gas kept us from going... And a good thing, too. Nik was feeling fine till mid-afternoon when he suddenly started to feel awful. He fell asleep on the couch; when he woke up he had a headache and a fever. He was miserable the rest of the weekend so he missed going to his first birthday party! Poor kid. He was SO looking forward to it.


Joe Ganci said...

That sounds awful! Of course, being here in Italy and seeing gas at $8 a gallon really puts a shock in the old ticker!

Anonymous said...

Looks great!
I thought that you can use your camera and just record it as a movie. Will it work?
I am dying to hear and see Ben play.