Creative Writing - Ben

Ben didn't know what he want to write about so I gave him the prompt, "I had been stuck in this hole for three days"
I had been stuck in this hole for one year with only fifteen strawberries, three blueberries, and seven apricots. I had to eat a quarter of each fruit every day. It was hard just to eat a quarter -- I did not get much lunch or dinner. If I was really hungry I would eat only half of something and I would save the rest for another time. It was very hard just eating that much. I wished I brought more down this hole with me.

I didn't have my shovel with me so I couldn't dig more holes to get to my door. If I had tried to do it with my hands they would freeze because I had no fire down there with me. I tried to play games to warm myself up but all I got was a hole that was made for just sleeping in; it was like laying around in your bed.

That day I got so hungry that I even tried to shovel but I realized that my hands were really cold and I wasn't digging the right way. Then I went back to where I stated but I realized that spot that I was in before... I covered it when I started digging so I have to dig my hole back. I threw the stuff over but when it got up it went right back down. The hole was so big that I could not throw the stuff out because it was through the roof.

Since I had some sticks I found the biggest one, put some fruits on it, and put it high over the ground. And then just like I hoped for a moose came and ate the fruits. And while it was eating them it tried to pull them out of the ground but it couldn't. It pulled the whole stick and me up. After that I found my shovel sitting on the ground so I decided to dig a hole right down to my parents to let them out. There we did the same thing except we made a stick out of pipe cleaners. The moose, well, it did the same thing. It pulled all of us out. So we kept on doing it in that cold snow until we got everyone in the neighborhood out of their homes and then we all made tunnels that we could all climb up.

All of us went to the grocery, at least where we thought it was. All we saw was the top part of it – the second story. So we went all the way to it and we heard the people inside down at the doors, “Let us out.” So we decided to go through the window. We broke a hole in the window so we could get in and some of the warm air got out and then we plugged it. Then we told the people, “We found a way out. Just come upstairs.” But they said, “The elevator doesn't work and that is the only way to get up and down and we are stuck down here. Either you have to come down here or we are never going to get out of this place.” We decided to get our shovels and dig down to them so that is what we did – we dug down to them. Well, of course, they sold some ice climber shoes. They sold ice and snow climbers so we climbed up the hole that we made and then everyone was saved. The End.

I am guessing that this was heavily influenced by Moominvalley Midwinter and the images of people being rescued from their rooftops on the news...


Anonymous said...

Did you feed him?

Katya said...

Hee hee. Yes. He actually wrote this right after lunch. And none of the fruit mentioned was served...

Anonymous said...

May be they should of been served - may be he missed them.
And the story does feel like a Moomy Troll one, except of a little hint of Dan Brown.

Anonymous said...

seems more like William burroughs to me.


Anonymous said...

I do not know William Burroughs - who is he and what did he wright