Ike's trickle down...

When Ike went through it knocked out some of the pipelines and refineries that serve the southeast... which means there is a gas shortage... which means people have been panicking... so now there is a major gas shortage in Atlanta.

This means:
- Nik's carpool was 20 minutes late because he was out of gas and couldn't find any this morning
- Ben's swim teacher was 40 minutes late for his swim class
- I spent 25 minutes driving around to 8 gas stations before I found gas (my car was on empty)

Oh... and I paid almost $60 to fill up the tank of my small car!



Anonymous said...

I have heard about it on radio - I did not know it was so bad. You always get the bad deal after hurricanes. Why is that?

GBK Gwyneth said...

I was lucky I guess. I had to go to only two gas stations near Pine Lake before I found gas, and only paid $3.99 (which seems to be reasonable). That was for a tank of gas to get me out of Atlanta. On our drive to Texas yesterday, we had much lower prices and no shortage at all.