New bikes all around!

Ian and Ben have been doing epic bike rides on weekends... and Nik has been going along in the trailer... so he is not as excited about the adventures as Ian and Ben. It was time to get Nik mounted up so we found a trail-a-bike on Craig's list for Nikki. He is SO excited to be an active participant:

Ben's bike looked really cool but it was cheap, clumsy, and very heavy. This weekend Ian found a used bike that is a much better fit and weight for Ben and has gears that he can easily change... so Ben got a bike, too.

So they have been off all weekend having bike adventures. 


Anonymous said...

Looks great!
And Ben and Nick sounded very convincing about their new bikes.
And even more convincing about another meal at the beach. Which breaks my heart.

Katya said...

The first thing that Nik said this morning when he came into out room was, "Are we going on a bike adventure?"

Anonymous said...

That is great!
It make me wish I could ride a bike.