Week in Review

The second week back went more smoothly than the first. We are getting back into the rhythm of homeschooling life -- and switching to 4 mornings a week helped. I had several Dr. appts so I could spread out the third morning over two days. 

Latin, logic, science and history are the beloved subjects. It is fun studying about Rome and learning about our Latin class family at the same time. As we were reading about Roman emperors Ben asked, "Who was the emperor during the time of our family?" Oooh. Great question. So we looked it up and it was Trajan. I didn't know much about Trajan so then we looked up more information about him and his reign. (He was emperor during the Pax Romana - a long period of Roman peace and prosperity).

This week life kicks into high gear -- we start our full schedule: preschool for Nik, gymnastics for both boys, piano for Ben, the return of homeschool park days, Boy Scouts. Phew. 

As for me, I am slowly getting stronger. I can now take a walk once around our block with the dog and kids. I can go till about mid-afternoon until I need to rest for a couple of hours. Progress. Slowly but surely. I am feeling optimistic that next spring we will get to resume our active lives...

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