Fall is here, full force.

Today we went to our weekly park playdate with our homeschool group. 5 moms sat around a picnic table and shivered. My friend Maureen kept playing with a lighter she found to warm her hands. I was tempted to pile pinecones in the BBQ grates and start a small fire to keep us warm.

The kids? The kids were fine. They played in the stream. They threw pinecones. They jumped in the leaves. They wrestled in the grass. Nikki even took off his shirt because he was hot. The only real indication of how cold it was, was how tired and hungry they were when they got home.

Starting this weekend the Holiday Season begins full-force. We have 3 Halloween parties this weekend and a birthday party. Next week we have 2 more. Then we have a boyscout camping trip. Then Thanksgiving. Then 2 birthdays, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years. Phew. I feel dizzy just thinking about it! I haven't even carved our pumpkin or put up Halloween decorations yet and already I need to order a turkey soon! Where did the fall go? How is it almost November?


Anonymous said...

I used the picture of Ben boyscout troop for my screen-saver -works very well in less than 2 weeks before election.

Tina in CT said...

Relish the cooler weather and be glad that the hot GA heat is gone! I bet it felt good.

All summer long, I long for mid Sept. when the nights get cool. This is my favorite weather season.

Boy, aren't you guys the socialites with all the Halloween parties. Enjoy all the festivities. I'm sure they will be lots of fun and the boys will love being in costume.

Tami told me today that they were decorating for Halloween. I'm so happy they get to trick or treat this year with their new American friends. I'll have Halloween pictures to scrapbook.