It never rains...

Of course, on Monday Ben got sick. He was pretty sick on Monday but he perked back up on Tuesday afternoon. He is still a little tired so this week we have been doing a reduced school schedule. Again... Mostly reading, a little math, and lots of piano practice.

Ben really loves two of the pieces he was practicing this week so he played them. A lot. And it really showed when he played them for his teacher -- he played them beautifully. I think watching me practice has been motivational, too. Now we are competing for piano time.

This afternoon it was pouring when we got home from piano... so we decided to open the garage door and sprint into the garage instead of running all of the way into the house. Ben did not realize how deep the puddle at the end of the driveway was (about 6") so he tripped, fell in, and then slid into the garage SOAKING wet. We were both laughing so hard that Nik and Julia opened the door to see what was happening in the basement. Ben needed a bath before dinner... I guess he was sad that he missed his swim lesson this week so he decided to do an impromptu swim.


Anonymous said...

Nothing is more satisfying than rolling in fresh wet mud.

Tina in CT said...

That puddle, fall and slide must have really surprised him. Good that you were in the garage as he could strip down right there.

Isn't it wonderful how he is loving his piano lessons and practicing. Yes, I bet your example is a good example for him.