It is very difficult to go shopping for Halloween decorations with a child that is too scared to walk down the aisles at Target to pick something out. :-) We went to Dollar Tree and picked up a couple of decorations but we still needed cobwebs... and the boys REALLY wanted a tombstone... so we went to Target. And, honestly, it was NOT a scary display but a little boy who was shopping with his mother kept pressing the scary-noise maker... and Ben was SHAKING with terror. He refused to even step foot in the aisle until the boy (who was 2) left).

In the end both boys were too scared of the tombstones, so we picked up a bat-light disco ball and a garland of glittery, purple skulls.


Joe Ganci said...

Awww, that's sweet. Have him read the Lio cartoon strip. It's funny and also makes fun of monsters and tombstones and such!

MoscowMom said...

WAHHH.... TARGET!!!!!! ARGH, HOW I WISH!!!!!!!!