Oh... I forgot... I officially have Celiac...

Last week I went back to see my favorite doctor. I told him about cutting out gluten and how much better that made me feel. He decided to give me an official diagnosis of Celiac without having to do further work-up based on the fact that cutting out gluten made my digestive issues go away + the various auto-immune issues I was having.

So... in honor of that... here are a few things I HATE about having Celiac...
- Cross-contamination. This is terrible one. I forget and I cut an apple on the wrong cutting board... which has a microscopic crumb on it... and BAM -- I'm sick for 2 days. Bleh.
- Watching the kids eat pizza. Or pasta with meatballs.
- Eating out. Yesterday at the aquarium I had to talk to the manager. Who had to find their allergy book. Which I had to read. To find that the ONLY thing I could eat was Chili. Which they didn't make that day!! So I took my chances on steamed broccoli and chicken in a sauce that they claimed was thickened with corn starch. Either that or I could have eaten potato chips and an apple for lunch.

Really, other than that it has not been so bad. It helps that we ate millet and buckwheat and quinoa before... so that is not a huge change. I try to make a batch of bread and a batch of muffins every week to stock my freezer. And on Thursday I made the BEST chocolate chip cookies. Ever. Really. They were SO good that they were better than the regular cookies I make. I froze half of the batch so I have treats at Thanksgiving... I don't know if they will last that long.

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Tina in CT said...

I worked with a young woman in my former dept. and she cannot have gluten. She eats out a lot, travels and seems to eat a lot of salad. She told me that she gets really ill if she has flour, gluten, etc. so she doesn't stray.

At least you now know what is the trigger. Is there pasta made from products that you can eat? Thank goodness for the Internet and all the research you can do.