Practicing Piano... and a brief update

Here is a picture of Ben at the piano (with his new headphones)...

We had our monthly reading assessment this morning. Ben read at 74 WPM on a Level L assessment passage (grade level 2.4). Which is PERFECTLY at grade level for both speed, difficulty, and accuracy. He is halfway through Level 1 (1st grade) of All About Spelling)... and knows all K-2 irregular sight words (and the regular ones, too).

On the other hand, Ben still struggles with differentiating between 208, 218, and 280 when writing them as numbers... but he can do addition with remainder and subtraction with borrowing with three digits.

He is making great progress in Latin. We are supplementing Minimus with Lively Latin (which offers a little more structured introduction to grammar). Science is going well... we have moved from a brief introduction to Chemistry into Earth Sciences for a while. In History we have left behind Rome and are contemplating the Byzantine Empire and the conquests and meanderings of the Vikings.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Ben! Great job!
And Ben looks so good at the piano. Why is he wearing the ear things?
PS Check outvabout the way Ben is sitting at the piano. I recall, that the elbows should be on the level (or slightly above)the keyboard
level - so that the hands are coming down on it. Anybody knows anything about it?

Katya said...

He likes having the earphones on because it blocks out outside noise (e.g. Nik).

His elbows are level with they keyboard in real life... the perspective is a little skewed in the pic.