Weekend Bike Adventures

The boys really love their weekend bike adventures with Ian. Since they see so little of him during the week, they really cherish this one-on-one time that is not interrupted by chores, errands, etc. They even turned down going to the Zoo on Sunday in favor of a bike adventure.

They bike everywhere - they've biked to Little 5 Points, Piedmont Park, Stone Mountain, and Fernbank Museum. Usually there is a stop at a playground for a while (as if biking was not exercise enough).

They leave mid-morning, stop somewhere for lunch, and then come home mid-afternoon. Happy and tired.


Anonymous said...

that is such a nice picture of Ian and boys!
The bikes look so big, how is Nik doing with such a large looking bike?

Katya said...

Ben's bike pulls Nik's bike (it's a tag-along) so Nik can pedal (or not) at will. It make him feel like he is really biking but he does not have to work. :-)

Both boys have really shot up this fall... Yesterday at the aquarium Kimba even said, "Has Ben grown in the last two days?!"