Advent Days 2 and 4: Decorating Trees

I'm not doing an elaborate advent calendar this year because I couldn't manage as many activities and projects as last year. To keep things festive I scaled down to two afternoons of crafts and outings: Tuesday and Thursday. Here are last week's projects:
On Tuesday we made ornaments.

The stained glass effect is really pretty... I plan to put them up in the front window. This is a really easy project that you could do with even a small toddler if you pre-cut the ornament shapes. I pre-cut templates and Ben and I sat and cut out the shaped. Nikki and I then punched the holes.

On Thursday the kids decorated mini-trees with cute mini-ornaments so they can each have a little tree in their rooms.


Anonymous said...

The little trees are so cute!

Tina in CT said...

I agree with your mom. Tami always had a tabletop tree by her bed that she decorated. She also had a battered Santa music box and she played it each night before falling asleep.