Comfort food

Last winter when I had pneumonia my neighbor made me a BIG bowl of her famous chicken and dumplings. It was the first time I had ever tried this southern dish -- it was amazing. This week I have been craving a bowl of her soup. Intensely. I guess it is the southern replacement for the Zingerman's chicken matzoh ball soup which was my Michigan staple in times of stress...

I've never even made regular chicken and dumplings... so making gluten-free chicken and dumplings seemed a little daunting. I finally gave in to my craving and took my best shot this afternoon:

It came out OK. The homemade stock, thickened with the little bits from the dumplings, was everything I had hoped for -- rich and comforting. The dumplings themselves, which I made from a biscuit recipe, came out dense and chewy. Not terrible but not the ephemerally light dumplings my neighbor makes. I'll have to keep working on this... it was so easy in the pressure cooker.


Anonymous said...

What kind of flour did you use for dumplings?

Tina in CT said...

Looks good.

I was into comfort food Fri. when I went grocery shopping. Came home and fried turkey bacon and made a big batch of Mac & Cheese and added the bacon. Also made Hamburger Stroanoff, 5 can casserole (my friend's recipe) and a chuck roast with fresh veggies (crock pot). I froze most of it in individual Glad containers so it's nice to have things ahead for quick suppers.

How are you feeling and how about Nikki?