Perfectly clear

I just found the instructions for the Hello Kitty alarm clock. I am not sure how much they would have helped me...
"When alarm and sleeping flag is not activated, that is to say both alarm clock and sleep are closed, only when alarm is activated, press UP sleep is valid"
Oh. I get it now.

There is also an important warning:
"Please reload the button battery when the display is unnormal for pulling out the isolating slice."
I'll keep an eye out for that...

I would definitely agree with their promo materials:
"Your mood can be adjusted while the clock's colors are changing. Please enjoy the Moodicare color-changing clock with good mood!" If you are in a bad mood when you play with it, you will want to fling the ^*&(&# thing across the room; that might be bad for it because it should "avoid fierce concussion and falling."


Tina in CT said...

Crazy directions!

Anonymous said...

Step on it really hard

Anonymous said...

And another thought, soon you will be singing
And lions and tigers and bears, oh my