What's more exciting than a cocktail party at the 4 Seasons?

Why spending the evening in the ER, of course.

Nik got Ben's flu... except his was accompanied by sharp stomache pain and neck pain... so after talking to the doc-on-call Nik and I headed off to the ER to rule out appendicitis and meningitis. Fun.

We're home now. He's miserable... but it is just the flu. We're all heading to bed...


Tina in CT said...

You were the best dressed mom at the ER I bet. Poor Nik but fortunately it's just the flu. Guess you'll be homebound for the weekend with Nik. Hope his stomach and neck pain is gone this morning.

Your life the past few weeks has sure had it's moments.

Anonymous said...

Well, you said it - there is obviously nothing more exiting than a trip to ER