1/26 Jupiter
Jupiter is quite a funny planet. It has many moons. We think 50 or more. We think that some of Jupiter's moons, like one of the biggest, actually has life on it but we don't really know. It has water so we think it might have fish or sea critters like you find in a creek. It's moons are complicated puzzles – some have craters, some may just be gasses.

Jupiter is a gassy planet. In Jupiter there is a HUGE storm. It is one earth tall and two earths wide. If anything could really come near it, well, next thing it knows it is in a huge storm.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.
Are you in astronomy now?

Katya said...

Yup. We are studying the Solar System right now and then moving outward into the universe... then in the spring we will return to earth and do a bit of geology to finish out the year.