Wishful thinking...

So we just started reading Aladdin: or, the Wonderful Lamp during dinner. Despite the ornate and difficult language, the boys were absolutely transfixed. We ended just as Aladdin discovers the power of the lamp so I asked the boys what they would wish for, if they had the lamp.
Ben wanted a window seat so that he could sit on his windowsill and read books.
Nikki wanted a magic key so that every night it would place on his bed whatever he wished for as he was falling asleep.
Me? I want to transport the family to a villa in the south of France (or on a tropical island) and enough money that we could all be together.


Tina in CT said...

I always wanted a window seat for the same reason.

Right now I'd wish for a roof that wasn't leaking.

Anonymous said...

You are the greediest one of all, my dear! And South of France and enough money and the whole family!
Will the window seat do?
PS For some reason I was always fascinated by the window seat with really nice cushions and the bookshelf underneath.

Katya said...

I guess a window seat will do. :-)

I've always wanted one, too. In one of those bay windows that sticks out a little bit...

Anonymous said...

exactly the way I envision it.
Nik showed me his window seat dream when we went to the Botanical Gardens. It is a little garden just to the right of the children area and it is wonderful. It has several little niches with benches and fake round "windows", and Nik made me sit in every one of them. I could just see sitting there and reading a book (in better weather than we had for Christmas).