Nik's Visit with Bearnard

[Nik's preschool class has a really cute tradition - a stuffed panda named Bearnard goes home each weekend with a different child. At the end of the weekend you have to write up a report about Bearnard's visit and add it to the book that goes home with Bearnard. This is Nik's report:]

[After school] me and Bearnard bounced at Bounce-N-Bob's.

Next we went home and I got him out again and we played together all sorts of games. We went to a mexico restaurant for dinner. He ate chip and liked them so much that he wanted more so I let him eat some.

[On Saturday] we went to a circus we saw clowns. We saw elephants.

Then we went to boyscouts and raced a pinewood derby car.
Then we went to a church pizza party and we watched movies and we played and we also watched Ben and Clifton do their gameboys.

On Sunday we did stacking cups and we also pretended we went to an airplane with our suitcase. We did a piano. We are still doing a picture.


Tina in CT said...

Bernard looks well loved. He sure had a fun weekend with the boys at your house.

Anonymous said...

That is just so cute!
How did you get the sticker off Nik's hair?

Katya said...

With one quick rip followed by one long shriek.