Spontaneous generation

My son's fish tank is making me believe in spontaneous generation. Yesterday, out of nowhere, Ben's tank was suddenly infested with baby snails... Teeny, tiny, baby snails crawling on the rock. No-one has added anything to the tank since JANUARY 19TH and I rinsed the plants that I added then completely... so tell me... where did the snails come from if not spontaneous generation. :-P


April Rescigno said...

Baby snails were what made us stop buying fish... and stop having a fish tank. They are incredibly difficult to get rid of.

You've seen Boyd, the turtle. We don't buy him fresh plants for that reason. It's easier to give him lettuce and spinach from the fridge.

Anonymous said...

I though that your were joking when you told me that the snails just appear in the fish tank without any help. I see that it is for real.
Can you grow them to be big enough to be used as escargots? (I know I sound like a women in the Cajun Zoo, but still, escargots are so delicious!)

Katya said...

No. They always stay tiny... and you would NOT want to eat anything that ate the gunk at the bottom. BLEH.

Anonymous said...

what gunk do you think they are eating in the real world? way worse gunk than that... that's why the taste so good!