Trip Around the World

Nikki's preschool has been traveling around the world for the month of January. They made passports and filled out pages in a book for each place they visited. Here are a couple of my favorites:

["I'm going in a rocket!"]

["I'm standing up on my camel to pick a fruit from the palm tree"]

["The owl is riding the bicycle to a cheese farm! He flew to Holland on an airplane and found a bicycle"]


Joe Ganci said...

I've been to Holland several times and, yes, bicycles are extremely popular there. I read that there are more bicycles per capita there than in China. The funny thing is, that most of the bicycles are workable but darn ugly. Many towns provide them for use free of charge. Use one, drop it off afterwards.

The story goes that in WWII, the Germans had a hard time subjugating the Dutch. They took away their property, they tortured them and more. Only when they took away the bicycles in The Netherlands did the Dutch finally succumb. Even today, when there are soccer matches between Germany and The Netherlands, you'll see an occasional almost tongue-in-cheek sign held by some of the spectators: Give Us Back Our Bicycles!

Lastly, did you know that the Pennsylvania Dutch, the Amish, are not Dutch at all but German? Americans misheard Deutsch, which means German in German, and started calling them Dutch!

Anonymous said...

Very cute!
The bicycles in Holland are notorious! Before my first trip to Holland, friend of mine warned me to be mindful of bicycles. What a good advise! It is more likely to be run over by bicycle than by a car in Holland (at least it is true for average American).

Tina in CT said...

Nikki did a very good job on his travel book.

I just loved Holland. I have cousins a half hour outside of Amsterdam. Oh, I wish I had a piece of their fantasic gouda right now.