The Truth Comes Out!

This morning Nikki was still in bed at 8. He said he felt hot and was too sick to go to school. His forehead didn't feel particularly warm to me... but I figured he must be coming down with something so I let him stay home...

I became suspicious when he was bouncing on my bed and asking to watch TV... so I told him he needed to stay in bed and look at books. By midmorning he was wandering around the house and playing... when I said he couldn't play trains if he was sick he finally broke down, "I'm not sick. I was just pretending."

A HA. Now Nikki LOVES school... so it is VERY unusual for him to want to miss school. I asked him why he pretended to be sick... eventually I got it out of him that he and his best friends, H** and M** had a fight with their other friend C** yesterday. And he didn't want to face the situation today.

I understand. I've had days like that, too.


Tina in CT said...

Everyone has.

Anonymous said...

At least he did not have to rub his armpit with salt (or even worse - put a mercury thermometer in the teapot), or breathe cold air in the open window (not much luck with it in Atlanta).
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

man... i didn't realize that they were that crafty at 5


MoscowMom said...

Awwww... poor guy!