Weekend fun? Mostly work...

On Saturday we went furniture shopping. Ugh. We have only 1 dresser in our bedroom that Ian and I share. Ok. It's mostly mine; Ian gets 1 drawer. So we went shopping for matching dressers and a night stand.
We went to IKEA. We went to some furniture outlets. We went to a couple of stores. You can imagine how much fun this was for the kids.
We found a dining room set we loved at an incredible price. But we were not shopping for dining room sets. And a whole bedroom set made out of solid cherry with walnut trim that we really loved -- but it was quite $$ even on clearance. So we bought .... nothing. As usual. I think shopping for furniture and then being indecisive is becoming a hobby for us.

On Sunday the boys went grocery shopping, I cleaned the house, and the boys went to the park. Wheee.

The highlight of our weekend was the Superbowl.
Nikki loved the food,

Ben loved having a friend over for a bit,

and Ian and I loved these cookie/brownie bars... YUM.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't I picked a right team for a winner?