It's Snowing!

"First snow, the flakes so few, so light
Remake the world in solid white"

I took the dog for a walk around the block in the falling snow... we have heavy falling snow and rumbling thunder... a very odd combination.


Anonymous said...

I see some contradictions between your blog today and the one from yesterday. It is hardly looking like a sprint to me, even by New England standards. So far you got more snow then we have, see how the nights goes, and tomorrow morning we will announce a winner - Atlanta against Connecticut!
Any bidders?

MoscowMom said...

Snow?! How odd! You know, I kind of like your coat... Despite what Ian thinks, it's cheerful. :-)

Joe Ganci said...

I just finished shoveling my driveway and walk. Ouch! Heavy stuff! We got about 5 inches here, a far cry from the 26 inches we got in one day a few years back but this was our first real snowfall of the year, at least the first that stuck on the streets.

Speaking of our dogs, my dog will *not* do his business on the snow. He wants grass or dirt (or in the house carpet, not any floor that would be easy to clean!). So every year, including today, I had to clear some snow off my grass. Immediately he went onto the grass to do his busy-ness!

Joe Ganci said...

By the way, you look sooo cute shivering there in the snow!!! :-)