Both Ben and Nik had recitals this week.

On Thursday, Nik's preschool had their big spring recital and fundraiser. There were 450 guests at the performance and Nik froze. He kept looking around the room. Eventually he saw me standing at the side of the room taking pictures and he perked right up... look for Nik wearing a teal blue shirt to the left of the podium...
Here's a closeup...

The little girl above him in pink is his best friend, Hannah...

Then on Sunday, Ben's piano teacher held a recital at his house.
Ben and his teacher played a duet and then Ben played a solo piece.

Ben played the duet beautifully but got a little nervous during his solo piece. He made a small mistake and that made him even more nervous and upset. He had been practicing the whole week to really perfect these two pieces - he worked really hard on smooth transitions and making the staccato and legato sections really stand out. The solo piece sounded wonderful because he kept playing through the mistakes (so the audience couldn't tell he made them) but I could see in his face that he was getting flustered.

Afterwards he was a little upset because he had worked so hard and he was disappointed in himself. He clung to me like a limpet during the reception after the recital. I finally cheered him up by promising I would play at the next recital. (What was I THINKING?!) To perk him up after the recital Ian and the boys went and picked up ice cream and strawberries while I made biscuits and we sat by the fire and ate strawberry shortcake and watched Whisper of the Heart. 

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Anonymous said...

Very eventful week you had.
Good thing that Ben did not stop and played his piece to the end.It is so hard to do.
The church, Nik had his concert in, looks beautiful. He does not look too stressed out in the picture.