The saga continues...

The water damage specialists were here today. They cordoned off a section of the basement with plastic and installed industrial blowers and dehumidifiers. They sealed of my kitchen and did the same.

It is LOUD in my house. I have to move everything that is not in a cabinet out of my kitchen tonight so that the tile guys can remove the tile tomorrow so the subfloor can dry.
I can only access my bedroom by walking outside, across the porch, and coming back in the side door. :-) So I am moving the kids into Nik's room and I am moving into Ben's room.
Could this week get any better?
Shh... don't answer that question.


Anonymous said...

Not answering the question!

Tina in CT said...

The positive is that the workmen are there working.

Joe Ganci said...

I think I see St. Joseph's image in the plastic! Today is St. Joseph's Day! My name is Joseph! What were the odds?

Some might say those are workers in the plastic. I think it's St. Joseph and St. Andrew. Nobody will ever convince me otherwise! :-)