Spring Term Classes

Ben really enjoyed the classes he took this fall and winter with the homeschool group so we signed up for fencing, swimming, acting, and Lego robotics. It makes for a very full day; he is in class from 9-1:30! He had his first day of classes today and he loved every one of them (phew). He learned the basic steps of fencing and got to act in a skit where they could act out any scenario they wanted -- but they could only say the word, "oh." In robotics they got to build various simple machines using lego pieces.

Fencing holds a special place in my heart so it brought tears to my eyes to sneak over and watch him holding a foil and practicing moving back and forth and lunging.

After classes we walked over to the park and played for a few hours with some of his friends. We all just got home tired, sweaty, and exhausted and are going to rest for an hour until we go off to gymnastics. Tuesdays have turned into quite the crazy day around here...

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