Why is it...

Why is it so stressful to sit and wait for a repair man? I'm sitting in the sunshine trying to distract myself by pre-reading history books and IT IS NOT WORKING.

I am on pins and needles waiting for the repair guy to show up... sometime between 1 and 5. I hate that. I had to arrange for a busy friend to take Ben home from Robotics class; I had to pick up Nik early so that he missed Spanish; all so I could be here by 1. Was the repair man here at 1? No. Have I even hear from him an HOUR AND A HALF later? No.

And I desperately need him to come. The $#&($*#& dishwasher did $1500-4000 worth of damage already and it is still dripping and I can't turn off the water supply to it because it is BEHIND the (&&*^$# machine. So I have been using towels underneath it to catch the water. I soak through a big bath towel every couple of hours.

So I want the repair guy HERE. NOW.

Next week the floor guys will come and tear up my floor. If I am lucky they will only have to tear up a couple of layers. If I am unlucky they will have to tear down to the support joists and move cabinets.

*Update* 4:45... still NO REPAIR MAN. I called them again. They have no idea when he will come. $#&($*#& Sears Repair Service.

*Update* My originally scheduled repair guy bailed on me. So another guy, after hearing my sob story, drove 1.5 hours up to my house. At 7:30 PM the truck finally pulled up to my house. The guy was really sweet - he figured out what was wrong and found where to shut the water off. Unfortunately he had to order some parts so I get to play the sit-and-wait game again on Friday. But now the water is no longer pooling so the drying out process can begin.


Anonymous said...

I guess that all the strange symbols are the answer to the question I just e-mail to you. There is no answer to the dishwasher question.

Tina in CT said...

E gads!

Hopefully your homeowner's covers the floor problem.

I hate waiting for repair service. Such a waste of time.