Cagle's Dairy Field Trip

This morning Ben and I joined Nik's preschool class for a tour of Cagle's Dairy... a working local dairy farm. The boys enjoyed a hay ride, learning about milking, and feeding the baby cows.

Ben's favorite part was watching the machine that fills the bottles and Nik's was feeding the goats.


Matt in NC said...

When I went back to visit the dairy plus petting zoo near my childhood home, it was plastered with warnings not to touch any of the animals and to make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

A few years earlier a salmonella outbreak had killed a child and made many more very, very sick.

I can't help but think of that.

Terrifying, on the one hand, but really not that dangerous, on the other. One death per three decades probably makes the dairy a lot safer than the roads around it.

Letting the kids touch the animals is probably well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are so cute! I guess, I mean both - kids and cows.
I still can not get over the fact that they did not tell us last year in Mascoot farm that Ben's group was milking cows the first day of the camp. And we missed the moment!

Tina in CT said...

What a great picture of the boys! Those b & w calves are cute. When we went to Old Sturbridge Village last July 4th, there was a baby calf (brown) and the girls loved him.