Our roller-coaster life

Ian came home early. Woo hoo. He woke up with the flu and has been in bed all day. Waaaah.
My GC called to say the counters were coming between 1 and 4. Woo hoo. I waited all afternoon, missed park day, and the counters didn't arrive till 6. Waaah.
Went with Nikki to Mom's Night at his preschool. Woo hoo. Got soaked by an unexpected rainstorm getting back to the car. Waah.
Sheesh. Too much drama for one day.


Anonymous said...

How is Ian now?
There is a strange flu going around.
Did he go to the doctor?

Joe Ganci said...

A real roller coaster day!

Katya said...

Yup... doc wasn't completely sure what it was... so he prescribed some pain meds...

Anonymous said...

He should keep in touch with his doctor, just in case.