One of the classes Ben has been taking this spring is an improv class. I signed him up because it was a relatively less-expensive filler between Fencing and Lego Robotics... but he has really taken to the class. The kids worked on various improv scenes that they played with and then perfected into small vignettes. The 10 kids in the class ranged in age from 6 to 17... so the subject matter of the skits ranged widely. Ben played a key role in a skit he was VERY nervous about --  he was not sure he wanted to perform it in front of people and he was quite embarrassed by his role. The skit was based on an improv game where you are only allowed to say "Oh". 

The final skit had the following plot: A boy proposes to his girlfriend and her father turns him down and throws him out of the house. Late at night thieves sneak into the house and steal the ring. Everyone in the house is in a panic until the boy runs into the house and catches the thieves. The girl and boy hug and the father happily accepts the engagement. 

Ben played the boy. He did GREAT. I was so proud of him. I really wish I had a digital video camera so I could post the skit -- it was so funny and cute. 


Joe Ganci said...

That sounds like so much fun and so cute! Time to get a real camera! :-)

MoscowMom said...

Oh!!! I wish I could see it, too... Hmm.. Perhaps Ian might want a Flip video camera for Father's Day? $149 for a 60-minute camera like ours, $199 for the HD version. IT IS AWESOME.

Elle said...

I'm so about to quit M.I.T. and just follow in your footsteps. These classes sound AWESOME.